About newnoz

Now officially a LOL ( little old lady as well as laughing out loud).

What I have:

  • Have lots of family history to share
  • Have absolutely no concept of what money is other than it is mysterious
    Have a fair amount of art to share and ideas about creativity
  • Have no idea about money. Who knows it might change someday. But don’t come here for that.
  • Have lots of thoughts on autism, ADHD and the rest of the world to share
  • Have some disabilities which make life interesting.  CFS/ arthritis, anxiety, depression, PTSD,
  • Have a lot to learn and a little to teach.
  • I live in Queensland Australia but come from an interesting land called California which is both mythological and real. So is Queensland and possibly every other place.

    One Response to “About newnoz”

    1. newnoz Says:

      well now to learn how to make arrows into something more interesting

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